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JoAnnah, aka "Jo Jo" began yoga in 2012 in studio and at home.  After realizing the positive effect of yoga (mental balance, peacefulness, anxiety alleviation), she wanted to learn more and sought out teacher training.   She received her Hatha Yoga certification from Aura Wellness Center, training providing knowledge of many aspects of yoga including meditation, chakra balancing and  "8 limbs of yoga" in which she uses in her classes through affirmations.  She's received much buzz on her Instagram account spreading her positive light through yoga, inspirational messages and videos.  Jo Jo is dedicated to spreading self-love through her practice!



Owner, Instructor

Jo Jo

Instagram: @jojotheyogi

Facebook: @jojotheyogi

Shahirah, aka "SJ" is certified by Yogis in Service for trauma-informed yoga teaching and uses evidenced-based "12 Principles of Growth" to structure her classes. SJ currently serves as a sexual and reproductive health educator, spending a month in Kampala, Uganda observing a youth edutainment organization and launching a self-care photovoice initiative. She believes self-care is the foundation of holistic health and wellness