What is an Affirmation?


Affirmations are words or phrases with the intent of transforming your mindset. Transforming your mindset leads to transforming the way you feel about yourself. Affirmations play a big role in rebuilding self-love to get out of bed and stop being your own worse critic. It does not matter how you feel, your words alone can help transform your life!


Morning Affirmation

Today will be a great day.

Today will be a productive day.

I will make the best decisions for myself.

I am grateful to be alive.

I will finish my tasks with joy today.

I choose to focus on the positive.

I am surrounded by positive and loving people.

My day will be full of joy & abundance.

Life is a beautiful gift.

I am a happiness magnet.

I am good energy and good energy will surround me throughout the day!

Yoga at Home
Coffee Hearts

Self Love Magnet

I am strong.


I am powerful.


I am unmoveable.

I am the sun.


I spread my light to the world.

I let go of the outcome.


I trust the universe will always take care of me.

I have control over my thoughts.


I am never alone.

I attract amazing, beautiful, loving people in my life.

I am grateful. I am blessed. I am love. I am peace.

I love me.


Mend a Broken Heart

I let go of all the pain, resentment, and animosity.

I will overcome this heartache.

I am strong.

I will get through this.

I will find love again.

I am beautiful.

I am worthy of love.

I am enough.

I forgive myself.

I am a queen/king.

I attract a healthy, beautiful, loving relationship that does not require to sacrifice who I am.

Stressed Woman
Calm Woman

Self Confidence

 I am the head and not the tail.

I am above and not beneath.

I share my gifts to the world freely.

I am grateful for my journey and it's lessons.

I am strong.

I will overcome every single obstacle.

I let go of the outcome of situations out of my control.

I appreciate what I already have.

I am a survivor.

I am a queen/king.

I trust the universe will always take care of me.



Success is all around me.

I am attracting wealth and prosperity.

I am attracting great opportunities.

I am a success magnet.

I will manifest new opportunities today.

I am worthy of success and wealth.

Success and abundance are my birthright.

Confident Businesswoman
Business Conference

Business Success

I am a successful business owner.

I am a champion.

I am a survivor.

My business will thrive.

My business will grow.

I trust the universe will send me the help that I need.

I believe in myself and trust in my abilities to succeed in all that I do.