Self Love Yoga is a place for all things yoga. The app is a place not only for experts but for people that also just began! You can do yoga from the comfort of your home, or take it with you while traveling or in between classes. Watch videos, live sessions, webinars, daily affirmations, find studios and instructors; while being in a community with people of all shapes, sizes, and colors who love yoga!

How it All Began...


Self Love Yoga was founded by Instagram influencer JoAnnah Thompson (aka Jo Jo) after years of practicing yoga, and the strong desire to spread yoga to others. Self Love Yoga was initially a small studio in Niagara Falls, NY; but after realizing certain students couldn't attend classes because of their hectic work schedule, she realized there was a need for yoga access at home. Therefore Self Love Yoga was rebirthed into a mobile app!

Where it all began, Self Love Yoga Studio

JoAnnah Thompson (Jo Jo)


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Jo Jo has been doing yoga since 2012 in her small bedroom after ordering a yoga DVD online because she couldn't afford yoga classes. Soon she was able to attend local classes but found herself excelling quite quickly. To challenge herself the more, Jo Jo took her practice back to her home and never looked back! She began to post her progress and inspirational messages on Instagram and surprisingly gained a big following. After realizing the positive effect of yoga, Jo Jo decided to learn more about the practice and became a certified 200-hr yoga instructor.

She initially began teaching at a local studio. Soon she would open up Self Love Yoga in Niagara Falls, NY with classes centered around affirmations, asanas, and women empowerment; along with engaging music such as Hip Hop, R&B, and Trap Music. To further spread yoga to others, she has transitioned Self Love Yoga into a mobile app to reach the lives of those across the world who, like her, could not afford yoga classes or find it more comfortable to practice at home. She gives credit to yoga to help overcome anxiety, depression, and even self-esteem issues. Jo Jo is committed to spreading her light and healing the masses through Self Love Yoga!

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